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   Law school question
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Henry Giano
Law school question
« on: Mar 10th, 2007, 10:15pm »
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Im currently a patent examiner at the USPTO but I was wondering and interested in a possible career in the field of being an agent or attorney. My question is:
1. If I have USPTO 1+ year experience and passed the patent bar, will it give me a better chance to get accepted into a law school?
2. Will USPTO experience give me and edge in getting a job in the field of IP?
3. Since Columbia law school is focused on IP law, will it give me a better chance if I have USPTO experience and passing the patent bar?
Thanks in advance
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Re: Law school question
« Reply #1 on: Mar 11th, 2007, 12:06am »
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1) No
2)Yes (a lot)
3) Same question as 1, No, not in any major way
Schools don't even care if you take the easiest or hardest major in existence, or if you have a large amount of very good work experience. They are minor considerations, at best. I know from experience applying at schools, my numerous soft factors didn't really improve my chances at all.  
I am going to play my final card, appeal, and I don't mean through the University. This leaves a bad taste in my mouth though, perhaps I can change the way law schools are required look at the more difficult degrees in my state, even if it is just a bit more. I am not saying I didn't get into my safety schools though.
Don't feel bad about it though, IP law firms are much more honest about assessing someones credentials. Majors and industry experience (especially USPTO experience) are both extremely important things, which if missing, cannot be easilly overcome by going to a good law school. Though, if you have extremely good grades at both law school and your other majors, whether it was an engineering UG or a doctoral science degree, you can easily skip the experience hurdle for easy entry.
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