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   MSEE to IP?
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« on: Oct 28th, 2006, 12:50pm »
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Hi, I'm wondering what steps I should take to make my way into the IP law field. I have a BSEE with gpa (3.8+) from a ABET certified state school that is relatively unknown, and am starting on a MSEE at a fairly prestigious school but I will probably get a lower gpa than in undergrad.
Will graduate gpa play much of a factor in admissions to law school?
How should I get started? Would trying to find a job at the USPTO help?
When should I take the patent bar?
Is it possible to try landing a job as a basic patent agent or whatever the base position is without a backround in law if I can pass the Would this be a better route if they would be willing to pay for law school?
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Re: MSEE to IP?
« Reply #1 on: Oct 28th, 2006, 2:55pm »
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You may take the patent exam at any time, provided you have properly prepared. The difference between an agent and attorney is the ability to practice law, generally equating to higher pay and better marketability. What does it take to get in as an agent? A desire to get in, that's it.
Q? Is a JD worth the effort? I would say over a 20yr career it is worth it. Over a 10yr career, maybe not. Depends on your circumstances. In any case, MSEE with some work experience is valuable in the job hunt. For some outfits it may be even more desirable than a JD.
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