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   What school can I get into
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Re: What school can I get into
« Reply #5 on: Aug 20th, 2006, 9:18pm »
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Yeah, this "hypothetical" is a bit ridiculous.
Just to give you something to judge against:
I was always known as "the smart guy" with my friends.  I had a 3.23 in ME from Clemson (I probably could have done better if I didn't minor in alcoholism).  I studied like crazy for the LSAT.  I did 12 practice tests.  I was shooting for a 165 and ended up with a 163 (top 10%).  I didn't get into any top tier law schools.  I go to FSU, which was in the low 60s when I was a 1L and will probably be top tier when I graduate next year.
The smartest guy I have ever known got a 171.  I mean, this guy was genius smart.  He used to take $100 dollars to do people's English papers.  He'd read an 800 page book in 5 hours and write the report in 1 hour, and it would be an A+ every time.
Not to burst your bubble, but to talk about hypotheticals in which you get a score above 175 is just ridiculous.
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