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   Any last minute advice?
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Any last minute advice?
« on: Aug 3rd, 2006, 10:44pm »
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I don't know whether I should feel confident and on pace going in or if I should be wary of a false sense of security.
I am 9 days out from my official exam and taking the prior USPTO tests for the 1st time under exam conditions. I will finish the 2003 exams over the weekend then review ad nauseum
Oct 2001
73/100 in 3 hours
April 2002
80/100 in 3 hours
Oct 2002
80/100 in 3 hours
Apr 2003
75/100 in 3 hours 15 min
Oct 2003
74/100 in 3 hours 30 min
Any advice is appreciated. I have found everyone on here extremely helpful since I stumbled upon this forum and have pored over the Prometric thread (all 79 pages!)  
Its almost show time!!
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Re: Any last minute advice?
« Reply #1 on: Aug 4th, 2006, 8:45am »
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I'm not embarrassed to admit I took the exam 3 times, passing it finally last month.  I work full time as an attorney, have 3 kids and simply didn't have as much time to study as most people do.  I may not know much about patent law, but I am pretty experienced in taking the test!
I don't get nervous on big tests, so that wasn't a factor.  Before all the tests, I was scoring in the 70's on the practice exams.  On the tests themselves, I scored in the 60's (until the last one).  The reason I think is because the computer test is a bit harder and less predictable.  
Here are my suggestions:
1.  Go over the 2002 and 2003 exams.  The answers you got right, make sure you got them right for the correct reasons, not from guessing.
2.  The answers you got wrong, print them out as flash cards and take them with you everywhere.  Any spare moment, go over those questions.  Old questons make up 15-30 percent of the test.  If you know those cold, you go into the exam needing appx 40 questions out of the remaining 67, which is a 60% right instead of 70%.  In addition, you have more time per remaining question.
3.  Know where everything is in the MPEP.  Any subject you should instantly know what chapter its in.
4.  Use the MPEP general index, its extremely helpful.
5.  Questions you don't know, if the answers are in multiple chapters, skip and come back later, they take up a lot of time.
6.  Know the PCT chapter and the IA and 102(e) dates in chapter 7.  Know how to use the example timelines.  PCT is heavily tested, probably the third most tested chapter.
7.  Know appeals cold.
8.  Get a good nights sleep, I suggest that you eat only powerbars and gatorade on the day of the test.  Eat as many as you need.  
Good luck.
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