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   question about studying old exams
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   Author  Topic: question about studying old exams  (Read 903 times)
question about studying old exams
« on: May 9th, 2006, 12:27pm »
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If I bought this disk from Innovita, would it still be sufficient to study from if I plan to take the real exam this summer?  Thanks
here is the link: b93c0de56689f91ed536c508e8313e
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Re: question about studying old exams
« Reply #1 on: May 9th, 2006, 2:13pm »
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Well first off, for anyone interested, you can freely download all those questions from:
Second, doing the old exams is key part to studying for the actual test. Unfortunately, my guess is that if you studied soley from the exams, you'd get a somewhat fragmented understanding of what you need to know for the exams.  
Finnally, if you do decide to only study the exams, please download and read chapters 2100, 700, 1800, 1200, and 200  of the MPEP.
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Re: question about studying old exams
« Reply #2 on: May 10th, 2006, 2:36pm »
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(1) The Innovita disk is much better than just downloading the old paper exams.  It does a great job of simulating the real test environment, including the count down timer.  Hitting the "Show Answer" button is also a great feature.  The paper copies have questions in one booklet and the answers in a second one.  (2) The last time that OED published tests was back in Oct 2003.  Innovita uses those exams.  There is now 2and 1/2 years of update missing and the emphasis and difficulty has changed.  See other thread for recent reports.  (3) There are a few bugs in Innovita you should be aware of.  (a) The questions sorted by chapter or topic sometimes get messed up (e.g., PCT questions popping up in designs).  (b) There are some transcription and spelling errors which can lead to confusion.  Some are blatant and obvious ("cwaim" instead of "claim").  Others are more subtle and confusing ("innovation" instead of "invention"). Some are errors in the original paper tests, some are added in the Innovita ones.(c) Some of the questions from the original paper OED exams are missing from the Innovita versions.  I recommend that you print out the paper copies and compare them to the Innovita versions.  For example, a key question that has been popping up in recent exams ("Lancer toothbrush") was a repeat from the Apr 2003 OED paper exam, but not on the Innovita disk.  I compared the Oct 2003 and Apr 2003 exams and found ~5 missing from each.
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