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   Choices Choices!
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Choices Choices!
« on: Apr 11th, 2006, 4:33pm »
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Hi, I am currently a junior getting my BS in Biomedical Engineering-- at one of the top colleges for this major. My hope is to go on to patent law when I am done with my BS. I am leaving in May to start a research co-op in Australia for 6 months. My GPA is currently a 4.0 and I have been working another research job at my school since last summer. Hopefully I will have one published paper by the time I graduate.  
I was thinking that when I am done with my BS I will move to California and be a nanny for a year while I take and (hopefully) pass the patent bar. After I become a resident of Cali I can go to one of the UC schools for much cheaper. But someone recently mentioned the USPTO and I started doing some research on it. It looks like an interesting job to have for a few years before I try to get into law school.
Is it likely for someone with a BS in my major to be able to get a job at the USPTO? Do you think it is a better option than moving to Cali right away? I am from NY originally so it would be a big change. I'm not sure taking time off to be a nanny (although believe it or not it is my dream job) would be a good idea in terms of money. I also don't know what law schools would think about it. My ultimate goal is to have a flexible and well paying job so I can spend most of my time with my (future) children. If I could achieve this without going to law school I would readily do so. Does anyone have some insight?
I know I have a while to wait before I need to start thinking about these things, but I stumbled across this website and it got my wheels churning. Thanks!  
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