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   Buying study materials off of Ebay
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   Author  Topic: Buying study materials off of Ebay  (Read 1796 times)
Re: Buying study materials off of Ebay
« Reply #5 on: Jun 7th, 2006, 10:33pm »
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I think that if you're already somewhat familiar with patent law concepts, such as by taking a patent law class in law school, then you will be fine studying older materials.  You can save a couple of grand if you buy materials 2-3 years old off of e-bay.
I took the patent bar exam a week ago and passed.  The strategy that worked for me was: (1) i read through the materials provided in a PLI course that was 3 years old; This gave me a good general background and the general rules about each topic likely to be covered on the exam.
(2) Then, I did the past tests on  the PTO website and memorized the answers to these question.  I also took 2 additional past exams that I found on another website.  Try to do enough exams so that you're consistently scoring at least in the upper seventies by the time you're finished.  I took some of the exams on paper, and some on the software offered by the following website:
The software was great b/c it was much like the actual test.  Plus, it's pretty much free.  They only charge you $2-$3 if you wants to save and grade your exam.  I highly recommend it.
My strategy for the exam:  I found that there were 16 repeat questions on the 1st half of the exam and 14 repeat questions on the 2nd second half.  These were repeated largely from the 3 most recent exams that are posted on the PTO website.  So, I memorized the answers to the questions in these 3 exams, and then I pretty much had enough time to look the rest of the stuff up if the answer wasn't clear.  
Anyways, I hope this helps!  And best of luck if you're taking the patent bar anytime soon.    Smiley
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