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   2 paths - IP (Law) or MBA?
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   Author  Topic: 2 paths - IP (Law) or MBA?  (Read 5299 times)
Re: 2 paths - IP (Law) or MBA?
« Reply #25 on: May 19th, 2006, 1:20pm »
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Not sure if I can describe how excited I was to read in this thread that spelled out exactly what I was feeling.  Just from reading this thread, it does seem like there are a lot of people in the same position.  
Just to share my story, I'm an EE with about 5 yrs of experience.  I am leaning towards starting law school this fall full-time, but I still haven't completely sold myself on it yet.  And obviously I'm also thinking about B-school.  Like the others in the same situation, I'm looking for the degree that'll land me a job that i'll enjoy, while not killing me with the amount of work I'll have to do.
Which brings up one of my main concerns with law.  I have a feeling law would be stimulating, but the stress which is sort of inherent in the profession due to frequent deadlines, etc., (i'm not stressed at all right now, which i value a lot) and possibly the long hours could end up really cramping anyone's personal life.  And, to be frank, considering the divorce rate is at about 50% (at least in California), these added pressures could really screw family relationships up.  
Asking personal questions to lawyers you don't know that well isn't easy to do, but finding out how happy lawyers are outside of the job and how stable their personal lives are I think are very important in anyone's decision to practice law.  Unfortunately, I'm not really sure how to get those questions answered, except for maybe on this forum.
Thanks in advance for anyone willing to share their thoughts on this! Smiley
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Re: 2 paths - IP (Law) or MBA?
« Reply #26 on: Jul 6th, 2006, 10:13pm »
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Hello all:
Add yet another engineer to the group who is struggling/has struggled with the same dilemma...maybe it's the quarter-life crisis??
I'm 25 y/o BSME from a top 10 school, currently enrolled in the evening MBA at a top 20 school with 20/55 credits done.  I have a great job at a great company and am paid well.  But I know I am not going to be happy doing this the rest of my life.
I have found the MBA very interesting but not too challenging thus far, and, as I said above, have been rethinking my career path.   I have always wanted to eventually do Law (IP or other), so I just sold my house and moved back home (yes, with Mom/Dad, in the basement) so I could start saving serious $$ for Law School (I plan to quit my job and go FT to a tier 1 school starting in Fall 2007)  LSAT last year of 172.
My plan is to continue the MBA PT over the next year so I have approx 20 credits remaining by the time I start Law School.  From there, I'll try and pick up an MBA class here and there over the next three years in an attempt to finish both degrees at the same time. (I spoke with the school and they said this is rather unusual as most law students do the joint program with the FT day MBA and never happened before, but okay to do) I think it is reasonable to take 3 credits a year (summers) and I'd have an opportunity to do several 3 week 4 credit seminars abroad that line up perfectly with J-term and early summer when Law School is on break.  I'm not planning to take any MBA classes during regular Law School sessions, at least not the first year.
My main concern is the trifecta that has been mentioned:  engineering, MBA, JD.  It looks impressive, but what else does it do for you? In what types of positions (in Law or business) do they compliment each other or set one apart?  Anyone with the trifecta or experience with someone who has one, please write.  
Im too far in to the MBA to stop, I do find it interesting and my employer is picking up the bill. (I'll only have to pay back 5-7 k when I leave)
When I do this, all degrees will be from the same school that has a great reputation.   Its not like the MBA is online and a JD from Timbuktu U.  
Thoughts??  Comments??
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