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Becoming a Patent Agent/Lawyer
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   ?'s - Eng. major req.?, best law schools?, etc.
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   Author  Topic: ?'s - Eng. major req.?, best law schools?, etc.  (Read 712 times)
Jim Cramer
?'s - Eng. major req.?, best law schools?, etc.
« on: Dec 25th, 2005, 2:57am »
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I am in the process of applying to law schools and I had some questions about becomming a patent attorney. I was considering a concentration in business law, when I got the idea that I may like to have a concentration in patent law. I have a lot of inventions and I think that being a patent attorney would be great because I could patent them much easier myself if I had special training in this area, and have a practice too.  
I have a lot of questions about this, so here goes:  
1) I heard that you have to get your undergraduate degree in engineering to become a patent attorny, is this true? Is it a mandatory requirement? I majored in public relations.  
2) I saw on this website that there is a separate bar examination for becoming a patent attorney. If you want to become a patent attorney do you have to take the regular bar examination and the patent bar exam, or just the patent bar exam? Are the tests similar or are they very different in scope?
3) What are some good schools to prepair you for the patent bar examination?
4) Did most people who are patent attorneys go to law school?
Any help with these questions is greatly appreciated.
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Re: ?'s - Eng. major req.?, best law schools?, etc
« Reply #1 on: Dec 25th, 2005, 7:39am »
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Assuming that you are in the United States, take a look at the USPTO web site, particularly the section on the registration exam, i.e. patent bar: .  That reference will answer your first and second questions.
Regarding Q3: law school does not prepare you to take the bar exam.  If you poke around the forums on this web site you will see discussions about which law schools are best if you want to go into intellectual property law.  Several private companies offer prep courses for the patent bar.
Regarding Q4: Yes, virtually all patent attorneys are law school graduates.
Good luck,
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Richard Tanzer
Patent Agent
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