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Oct 2nd, 2023, 12:12pm

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   "infringing product" saturated market
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   Author  Topic: "infringing product" saturated market  (Read 3580 times)
Re: "infringing product" saturated marke
« Reply #5 on: Nov 20th, 2007, 11:42am »
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my claims are hopefully to issue no later than Dec per my examiner as we have already filed the first response,  
and this company stated that they wanted assignment for the patent before that date but shot me , what I consider an offer thats not worth considering so I countered which im sure they were just trying to narrow my bottom line by thinking I would adjust my BL, to what would be closer to theirs however I have done my homework and know that not only am i being fair im not budging because the value is there... application or not , it seems they dont get the long term ramifications of treble damages and injunction.. If they continue to parade the idea around which due to the circumstances they cant just stop providing the service which would incur willful infringement , and that combined with the fact that I have been very willing to negotiate before its an issue..  seems kinda silly.
they obviously see some advantage in purchase now.. as they didnt want to license it, just to purchase probably to add to their portfolio which still is predated by my application and they have already put the same companies on notice that I have..  
my main question is should I waste my time with them further , or just pursue the other contacts and see what they have to offer , I hate the idea of making it a competition but im getting tired of the procrastination..  
the waiting game that their playing will put them out a good billion dollars at least since they have been on notice since late 05' and have reported earnings to the tune of 2billion annually strictly directed to this " method" that and treble damages .. I just dont get why they would gamble like this. Because of the amount of earnings , on their books alone not counting the others I have had several litigators contact me that are willing on contingency and patent pirate like firms to offer a hand aswell..  
i just am baffled that they want to go this route.
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