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(Message started by: bubbalaw36 on Nov 15th, 2006, 9:35am)

Title: Viable Patent
Post by bubbalaw36 on Nov 15th, 2006, 9:35am
I have a fully developed patented product with an initial inventory, marketing materials, and functional website. I own the patent and trademark rights for my product which I will make part of the licnsing deal. I have established contacts (buyers) in the U.S. and Hong Kong and have already developed some 'name brand' recognition with international entities such as Marriott. Also recognized by the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice. Unfortunately I've recently been diagnosed with M.S., am realizing what a nightmare it can be to facilitate success on my own, and would like to explore a licensing or sale agreement. Where does one go to do so? Are there brokering agents for this? I'm bringing much more to the table that an average good idea that still needs a great deal of legwork. Any ideas or contacts welcome. I am already well aware of the fraudulent practices in the invention promotion business.

Title: Re: Viable Patent
Post by JimIvey on Dec 1st, 2006, 12:00pm
I might know some groups to help you.  If you want, you can send me info off-line and I'll try to see if any of the groups I work with will fit you and your product particularly well.


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