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I have an Invention ... Now What?
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   A new invention U.S. patent 6,986,186 Funding need
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   Author  Topic: A new invention U.S. patent 6,986,186 Funding need  (Read 582 times)

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A new invention U.S. patent 6,986,186 Funding need
« on: Sep 29th, 2007, 10:36pm »
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Window Washing System
Our new window washing machine can be set up to clean the exterior of any window, large or small, on any building, low or skysc****r, by simply pressing a one-touch on/off switch. You will never have to employ a window washing team with ladders, elevators or scaffolding again. Our system is safer, less expensive, and you can wash any one window on any given day. Our system is simply better.
We are looking for investor !!!
Window Washing System is looking for partnerships to launch its North-American operations. The funds will be used to market the product to both Commercial and Residential markets. This will allow the management team to install a small assembly line in Burlington, NY to fulfill US orders. An administrative (and sales) office is being installed in Laval (Quebec – Eastern Canada).  
Target Markets
1- Commercial Market There are over 2,920,000 buildings of more 50-story high (and up) in the USA only. This offers a tremendous market potential for our product. We are also targeting shopping centres, restaurants, casinos, hospitals, etc..  
2- Residential Market Baby-boomers and late boomers are the target market for our residential product. In fact, millions of people in this age category (demography) own a house and are experimenting the Window Washing problem on a regular basis…  
Whether you want to clean large windows or skylights, the residential version of our product will eliminate the need for scaffolding, the hazards associated with it, the cost of an employee and potential troubles…It will enable people to keep their windows and skylights clean at anytime without hassles.  
We are looking for eqity shareholder and a exit strategy in 5 years.
The amonth needed  : 1,500,000.$ US
Cordially Stephane Dube inventor.
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Cordially Stephane Dube Inventor.
Imagination will be your best friend in life.


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Re: A new invention U.S. patent 6,986,186 Funding
« Reply #1 on: Nov 13th, 2007, 2:19pm »
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How much of this 1.5 is being used for manufacturing? I might be interested in handling the manufacturing oversea's for you and put up the money for it, which should decrease the overall amount of money you would need to move forward.  
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