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Dec 3rd, 2022, 9:50pm

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I have an Invention ... Now What?
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   what is the cheapest avenue for a patent?
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   Author  Topic: what is the cheapest avenue for a patent?  (Read 16211 times)
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Re: what is the cheapest avenue for a patent?
« Reply #40 on: Dec 16th, 2007, 2:25pm »
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on Jul 28th, 2007, 5:56pm, Bill Richards wrote:

Oh, goodness, people!
Let's again make something crystal clear.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PROVISIONAL PATENT!  REPEAT AFTER ME, "NO SUCH THING AS A PROVISIONAL PATENT!"  There is, in the US, a provisional patent application (PPA) that, at best, gives one a one-year window to file a non-provisional (real) application.  The $100 is only the filing fee for the PPA.  Without more, the PPA is worthless.

Hello Bill,
Why don't you just say that a PPA, is very much like or is  an invention disclosure, that does pretty much the same darn thing that the DDP, (Document Disclosure Program) use to do ?
That is file a discloure of what your invention is and has or keep it available in the case that you file a NPPA, in the following twelve months.  
With a few exceptional differences, the cost from what use to be $10 to what is now $100, given the change in the value of a dollar, about the same price, and of course now you have a pat.pend certification, to use but without an identifying reference.
This was, to the best of my understanding, devised to give the people participating in, "free enterprise" a slight edge on the proliferation of competition. As, to how successful this has been I am unaware, but would like to read a report on that.
A PPA, puts your invention in the caring hands of the Federal government, where there would be little doubt as to the filing date and the contents, like the DDP.
I don't doubt there would be some unscrupulous acts, committed in defiance of this protectorate domain, but there seems to be at least one good thing that we hope someone can say about the, PPA .
Take for example the homeless person, who might have designed the, "paper-clip", of course, . . I am for the state to establish an institution, providing him with a shower even if he is unemployed, so that he can go to the library and read about the free-enterprise system and the future it may provide to him. In this way he doesn't have to wind up sueing, the library for kicking him out because he is offensive, and or posed a health risk to others, and at the same time preserve one of the rights that a democracy can not exist without.
So you see, even though the shower has been invented you can still find modified new uses, this might even bring one, "fame and fotune", offer employment advantages to the individual and the state, and keep the courts capably working in favor of justice, not to mention saving the library from law suits and keeping all those readers, researchers and students, happy and productive, . . so, it goes to show you, you really can never tell what's around the next corner.
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The Owner Of An Invention Usually Is The Inventor.
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