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I have an Invention ... Now What?
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   confidentiality -Europe
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confidentiality -Europe
« on: Nov 27th, 2006, 11:27pm »
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I just filled out a provisional application. On this point I am looking to sell my idea or someone to cover patenting fee.  
Email from USA based companies came with NO, “we are not taking ideas from outside”.
Regular mail did not return anything yet. The only what I got so far is an email from Germany.
A reputable company I have found during researching for prior art is working actively in the same field.
They asked me to provide more information. Is it right to ask them for NDA  like in US or in Europe they have another term for confidentiality?
Thank you,
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Hear Hear
Re: confidentiality -Europe
« Reply #1 on: Dec 5th, 2006, 8:11pm »
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well up to you..
I provided figures... of how profitable my idea was (4 year projections and all) - In retrospect this seems to be a bad idea. But hey I think this got them talking. In future I have decided to send certain bits of my financials.
Since they have an enabling part of your invention you might as well explain that bit in more or less detail, then with someone who has no vested interest.
And when I answer their questions I would half answer it.. by not going into much detail.
Try to show them you have a huge picture and what your willing to show is really tiny part at the moment.
Say something like there are 5 components, and part A is just one of it.
Also good to show a quick competitive advantage (if possible show how there is no competitors in the market, or better, cheaper blah blah)
The fact of the matter is the provisional patent should be sufficient deterrent more or less. Provided you have written right.
Europe has funny laws about Grace Period. In particular there isn't any...
But I recall the benefit is there are zilch fees for a provisional patent. And as for a full patent in Europe a majority of the fee can be delayed until the Patent is acutally reviewed. So I guess before then you can just opt out.
ANyway I wish you luck..  
Hopefully, I can move beyond my NDA or get a few more.
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