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I have an Invention ... Now What?
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   Patent For Sale
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Patent For Sale
« on: Oct 31st, 2006, 1:49am »
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I have a patent for sale. The number is D498,900. It is a fracture apparatus friendly garment. It can be seen on the uspto website, or you can view a picture of it in actual use at Look in the design patent section. I call it Vanity Wear. The patent is two years old.
The target markets would be:
A) Hospital Patients.  
In 2003, there were 38,220,659 hospital patients in the U.S. The number of hospital patients is rising approximately 2% every year. At this rate, there will likely be more than 40,000,000 hospital patients this year, 2006. Individual patients may be willing to buy this product themselves, to maintain their privacy.
B) Hospitals
In 2003, there were 5,764 community hospitals in the U.S. This includes non- government not-for-profit hospitals, investor owned (for profit) hospitals, and state and local government hospitals. Additionally, there were 130 long-term care hospitals. All hospitals must function as a business, regardless of what type of hospital they are. Consequently, hospitals are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. Having a product like "Vanity Wear", available on site gives them a competitive edge, because it shows that they are sensitive to their patients wants, needs, and concerns.
C) Nursing Homes
There were 18,000 nursing homes facilities in the U.S. in 1999. They have a combined total of 1,900,000 beds available for residents. Because "Vanity Wear" is so easy to put on and remove,it would be a great product for elderly people, especially those in nursing homes, who usually need extra care. Also, if they have to wear a garment, similar to a hospital gown, they may also feel exposed and uncomfortable, as a hospital patient would. Having "Vanity Wear" available at the nursing home could ease the residents' minds, and give them more convenience in getting dressed.
D) Children
Children learn very early that their genitals are their "private parts". When they are forced to stay in a hospital and wear the hospital gown, they also feel vulnerable, and exposed, because they know that certain body parts should always be covered. Children tend to be particularly self-concious, and leaving the genitals exposed in a hospital gown can lead to low self esteem, and embarassment. "Vanity Wear" provides a quick and easy way to eliminate such problems.
Example "D" is the reason I invented "Vanity Wear".
When my son was six yrs. old, he fell from a third floor apartment balcony. On the way down, he partially straddled the second floor balcony railing, and broke his right leg, two inches below the hip. This turned him face first, heading to the pavement below. On impact he shattered his face, and has since undergone massive facial reconstructive surgey.
When I visited him in the hospital, and saw the state he was in, I was just thankful he had survived. I asked him, if he could have anything he wanted, what would it be. He said underwear, so the nurses could'nt see his "pee-pee". I was shocked. Here he had almost died, and he was worried about his genitals being exposed.  
He was in traction. What could I do? I made "Vanity Wear". I slipped it over his good leg, and attached it around his bad leg, without disturbing, or removing the external fracture apparatus, and his "pee-pee" was covered. He was happy. "Vanity Wear" was born.
All interested parties can email me at
Craig Fox
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