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Genealogy Data Online
« on: May 1st, 2006, 2:51am »
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I manage the Sri Lanka Genealogy Website at which is sponsored by Rootsweb for all nations.
My work, which is voluntary, involves researching family tree data of Sri Lankan communities and having bthem uploaded on to the genealogy section of the website.
This family information contains names of people, their dates of birth, marriage, baptism (if applicable), death, and other significant information related to proffesions, achievements, controbutions to society etc.
On some occasions I have had requests from some members of these families to have their data removed for their own personal reasons.
I have the following questions:-
1. Is genealogy data, internationally, considered to be a component of intellectual property that is owned by anyone in particular or is it public domain information that can be used on websites, freely?
2. If the information pertaining to a living individual is owned by that individual then does he or she have the right to request for its removal from a website where it is displayed as part of a olarger family tree?
3. Can a family member request the removal of information related to a family member?
4. Does Genealogy data related to persons who have passed away belong to anyone?
5. Who has rights of ownership over genealogy data?
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