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I have an Invention ... Now What?
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   Oh GOD!
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   Author  Topic: Oh GOD!  (Read 549 times)


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« on: Sep 28th, 2004, 7:29pm »
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Look after reading many post here this evening. I am at most shocked and awed by the profesional reponses and recomendations by some of the posters herein!
 I see that this site might be a God Send for me but who knows!  
 I have looked for years for avenues to take and places to go and I am truthfully tired. This just might be my last stop!  
 I want to say to all please forgive me and my grammer! I speak and write in poor english my self. I was a military BRAT and I spent most all my life travleing around the world and learning bits and pieces of this and that language and mastered none of them. And in the end it has done me more harm then good!
 I do want all to know I respect this site and hold it very close to me right now its one of the few places I have ever been to that at least TRUE HELP is being offered!
 I dont expect everything in one package but I have been looking for the help I need! And I have truthfully sought the real knowledge and a real place to get help!
 There was a post where someone had stated his case of him having pictures drawings and concepts but in the end he said it like it was he is poor! And my most respects is sent to him via this post! I know I am in the same boat and I am using my hands as paddles! But at least I am not a creek with out a paddle! I am using my hands after all! I am just about to quit and then what I have will be lost to the world and what some of my things can do for it!  
 When I first started to take on the endevor to see if I could get my idea out on the market I got hurt very bad when I saw my concept and design on the market within 60 days of my showing! And I know it was my concept with out fail! I know I still have the artistic concept model I used for showing a staff of personel what aI had and how it COULD work. But as AI posted earlier thank God they didnt fully understand my concept or it would have been a total loss. For now I am just sweating rocks that they dont figure it out yet!  
I just hope someone hears me and sees the true potential of what I have to offer! I will be open for any help in any form and am willing to set in writing any contracts with a willing helper (Partner)
 So please in the future of my postings know I truely am seeking help in the most serious ways! I wish not to offend anyone or be a pest!
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Re: Oh GOD!
« Reply #1 on: Sep 28th, 2004, 10:16pm »
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Suggestions: breathe deeply.
A lot of inventors get emotional about filing for a patent (it's their baby, after all). Profits are not guaranteed.  
State a question as briefly and concisely as possible, and work from there.
And as always, do not disclose details of your invention to these forums.
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