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I have an Invention ... Now What?
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   To sell idea for patent
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   Author  Topic: To sell idea for patent  (Read 1381 times)
eric stasik
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Re: To sell idea for patent
« Reply #5 on: May 4th, 2004, 7:40am »
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Dear Senor Conde,
That is an analogy worthy of Marquez.  
Products, especially complex products like computers, and telecommunications systems cover vast areas of land (and incorporate many inventions.)  
It is probably true that companies focus on pushing back the edges of the forest, but they are still dependent on the land which is behind them. This is the nature of development.  
While Mr. Auslander does indeed have a point, do not let his caution discourage you.  
Even in a forest, a single tree can have value.  
Eric Stasik
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eric stasik

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Re: To sell idea for patent
« Reply #6 on: May 4th, 2004, 8:07am »
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I'm sorry but I'm a bit confused.  I understand that you have a circuit, but do you have any patent applications?  When you say you don't have money to patent it at the world level, I assume you mean to cover most of the industrialized world -- but do you have local patent applications?
The reason I ask is that I'm somewhat connected to a market for patents and patent applications.  If you have a substantial portfolio, I might be able to find a buyer.  And, in particular, I can get an audience with Intel.  However, this is only for Intellectual Property -- not for circuit designs.  Although, I haven't asked about that yet.
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James D. Ivey
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Carlos Conde
Re: To sell idea for patent
« Reply #7 on: May 4th, 2004, 2:02pm »
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There are several interesting points of view, I will try to reflect them all:  
1º I am civic Spanish and I live in Spain  
2º I have not published anything in any place. Everything is in my papers. I have not used the invention openly in any place. Plus still, I don't have a circuit (physical), but a design of the circuit.  
3º I am not still selling anything, but informing me the patents work on how to who one would should to go arrived the case, the costs that originate and with everything it to consider if I should look for a capitalist partner for me to patent it and then me to be able to license or to sell the patent, or I to sell the idea from my papers so that the possible buyer patent the invention.  
4º I have expressed in some case (privately) which they are the qualities that the invention offers. And also in that other inventions are working or I have in mind to work in the future.  
5º Maybe are for the translating program that I use or not, but I have just understood correctly the sentence: "...  you have any patent applications? ." Do you refer to have defined the field where the invention object of the patent is applied? . (ok.... I think what application traduce it for solicitude ,  requeste and not for link ). No,  i do not have solicitude of patent ....  
6º If the patent concept is: " To U.S. Patent is to grant to an inventor by the United States government of the right to.... "... then I consider that one cannot speak of patent until the moment in that at least somebody has carried out the patent application (maybe legally should be when this it is accepted). Said otherwise, if patent right has not still been requested, any government still is not able to accept neither to reject anything, in consequence, it cannot still be considered as patent. The invention has not still even come out beyond the paper. Is this correct or am I mistaken in something? .  
7º I have not patented here in Spain the invention, I have been trying to contact with appropriate people to inform me of the different aspects that surround to an invention and their setting to point more than for one month." On the other hand, the reason for which I have not begun the patent here in Spain is the same one that to seek to sell cubes of ice in the North Pole or heaters in the desert. Worse still, with the laws of here and supposing that it is correctly informed if I patent the invention here, I would have of term one year for me to be able to patent it at world level, in another case I lose those rights, and consequently the invention is lost outside of Spain. Such that the nature that it is (since it is committed in the industry of the big multinationals) he/she doesn't interest to make a local patent, it is a high risk of losing.  
8º This invention is part of a chain (in my desire) for re - to invent the microprocessor invented the basic keys of the microprocessor again. I have another invention in development so important as this..... With all them a giant jump so much would be given qualitative as quantitative in the industry of the calculation, equivalent to the jump that the same Intel Corp. he/she announces for next years when he/she speaks of the terachips in their infinitely small integration scale. If these inventions fell in other companies there would be a technological development of 10 and 10 (10 Intel and 10 the other companies) if they fell in hands of Intel the technology it would jump 100 that is to say 10 * 10. The technological benefit contributed the humanity in so scarce period of time would bear time to know how to take advantage of it fully until being conscious...  
9º Having in all that the fact of patenting something bears thousands of dollars (often hundred of thousands), and that the inventors don't usually have that money, if not alone the big corporations, from a legal point of view you could consider that the patent laws contribute to that a monopoly exercised by the big corporations exists? . Or at least a disloyal competition? .  
 I thank your expositions..
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M. Arthur Auslander
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Re: To sell idea for patent
« Reply #8 on: May 6th, 2004, 3:43am »
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Senor Conde,
Es difficil. Buena suerte.
Mi espanol es de escuela secondario y de trata de pratcia. Entiendo mas anos pasado en Brasil, escucho (?) en Portugues,  habla, espanol.
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Carlos Conde
Re: To sell idea for patent
« Reply #9 on: May 6th, 2004, 5:00am »
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Si, el portugués y el español se parecen bastante Mr. Auslander .
Podría usted comentar el punto 6º de mi anterior mensaje. ?
I will pay attention to Mr. Ivey and I will put on hands to the work to gather the papers and the documentation just as it is demanded to request the patent.... Does somebody have 1 million dollars to invest?...
That you spend a nice day....
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