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(Message started by: john Smith on Sep 28th, 2006, 3:48pm)

Title: copyright
Post by john Smith on Sep 28th, 2006, 3:48pm
Years ago we had a band, we wrote our own songs and all split the cost for filing the copyrights which were to include all our names since we all contributed to the song writing. Now, years later we find out that the person who sent the material in filled out another form leaving  names off making it look like the work is his own. What can be done about this if anything?

Title: Re: copyright
Post by Student on Sep 29th, 2006, 12:47am
In order to copyright music, you have to send in the songs on CD and/or print music, correct? Were all band members names on those items as composers? If so, I would imagine its simply a matter of pointing the copyright office to that information.

Thats pretty pathetic though that he would do that! I wonder if there is any sort of legal recourse you could do! Thats just WRONG!!

Title: Re: copyright
Post by John Smith on Sep 29th, 2006, 4:20am
WE had just the raw recordings and typed out the lyrics. I found out about a form CA that allows for adding info that was left out of the original registation. I am going to try that and see what happens. But i agree it is pathetic. Thanks

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