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(Message started by: mmeyer on Jun 13th, 2005, 3:42pm)

Title: change management methodolgy
Post by mmeyer on Jun 13th, 2005, 3:42pm
My question relates to a methodology on change management.  If someone changed a copywrited methodology just enough to so it's not obvious to most people is there an infringement?  For example, in the new methodolgoy hat they didn't lifted it word - for - word but took the concepts of the copywrited methodology.   Is there an infrigement?  Even when change management is a well studied and written about topic?

Title: Re: change management methodolgy
Post by JSonnabend on Jun 13th, 2005, 8:18pm
"Methodologies" are not protected by copyright, they are protected by patent.  

Likewise, ideas underlying a written work are not protectable by copyright -- anyone is free to re-write the ideas themselves free from copyright infringement claims.

Altering a copyrighted work in a "non obvious" way does not avoid copyright infringement if the new work is derived from protectable aspects of the original work.

- Jeff

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