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(Message started by: Wayne Lawson on Apr 7th, 2004, 8:29pm)

Title: Illegal Scanning
Post by Wayne Lawson on Apr 7th, 2004, 8:29pm
I'm trying to find paper that can not be scanned.  We offer expensive training materials - and some of our customers have decided to illegally scan our products and distribute them online.  Is there such a product to eliminate this?  I know that this is illegal, but finding these individuals - and once it's done - it's hard to prosecute.  Please email me directly at with any thoughts or opinions.

Regards, Wayne

Title: Re: Illegal Scanning
Post by M_Arthur_Auslander on Apr 8th, 2004, 4:46am
If you find it, it may be patented.

Title: Re: Illegal Scanning
Post by nobody on Apr 8th, 2004, 7:35am
Absolutely prevent copying of the content? No way. That would be magic paper ;-) However, I believe there IS paper that will show zigzag lines, etc, or a "watermark" if photocopied. Check at your local office supply dealers, however it may be special order or not available to the public. I could be right or wrong.

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