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   rules for quilting guilds
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rules for quilting guilds
« on: Oct 31st, 2007, 7:01am »
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Recently my quilt guild selected a copyrighted pattern, made the quilt with a few slight modifications, displayed it and used it as a raffle quilt to generate revenue for the guild.  The revenue from the raffle quilt goes into the guild funds which are predominantly used for charity purposes and to sustain the guild - no one personally benefits fininancially from the sale of the raffle quilt.  Small items are made to be sold at the guild "boutique" at a quilt show, also generating revenue for the guild - some from copyrighted patterns and some original.  I am assuming that written permission must be obtained from the copyright holder in both cases prior to using their designs for either the raffle quilt or the boutique sale items.  Correct?
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Re: rules for quilting guilds
« Reply #1 on: Nov 26th, 2007, 4:05pm »
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Yes & no.  
It would be hard for the rightsholder of the quilt pattern to argue that it should not be used to make a quilt, and once you have done that, you can do with the quilt what you will.  Generally that would include selling it off, just don't start manufacturing them.  (And if it is an Amy Butler pattern, do everyone a favor and file a declaratory judgment action against her first, since when does using a sewing pattern automatically subject someone to personal jurisdiction in Ohio?  But I digress.)    
The "boutique" sales are another story.  Time was, pattern publishers actually marketed their designs with the idea that the items would be made up in multiples and sold at charity bazaars.  No longer.   You will have to decide whether it is okay item by item, pattern by pattern.
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