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   Training materials internal use question
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Training materials internal use question
« on: Jun 18th, 2007, 9:36am »
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I run a small services company and a few weeks ago we sent a bright young resource on a full-day, 8 hours, training class. He received a training materials hand-out from the trainer, who is self-employed and earns his living by giving this course.
He learned a lot of useful things and I am hopeful that he can act as our subject matter expert on the material at hand.
Of course, in order to achieve that, I need to make sure he has a chance to communicate what he has learned and now knows how to do to the rest of the company.
So I asked him to give a 45-minute presentation as a lunch-and-learn internally here within the office so that he can relay the broad strokes of what he's learned, to open the eyes of the other employees to these issues and how we can help solve them for our customers with the trained employee's help.
In order to do this, my employee wanted to use a couple of the slides as examples and modify them/annotate them. I called the trainer to ask for soft copy for this purpose and basically he freaked out, accusing me of IP theft in intending to use his materials to train everyone internally.
1. I'm not sure I don't have the right to use those materials internally. My employee went as an agent for my company and nowhere was it specified that he was the individual licensee. He was identified as a company agent and the company paid the bill. Am I licensed for the training materials for internal use, or not?
2. Now even though I feel that I am probably licensed, my intention was not to re-train everyone which would be a hideous waste of time. My intention was simply to do a "book report" style session advocating for this expertise internally so that staff at the customer site can spot opportunities for selling this service that we can now deliver. This MUST be allowed, even if I can't use the materials in whole cloth, right!?
Thanks for any input.
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