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   State Sup. Ct. Infringes copyright?
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   Author  Topic: State Sup. Ct. Infringes copyright?  (Read 475 times)


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State Sup. Ct. Infringes copyright?
« on: Dec 11th, 2005, 9:03am »
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I am an independent documentary producer. I received expanded media coverage permission to film a trial in Jan 05 in an original contempt action before the state supreme court. The court kept the video tapes until end of trial. I labled them with copyright notice . Court refused to give me my tapes at end of trial. I demanded tapes later so I could  register copyright (needed tapes for deposit) and court refused demand. Court clerk copied tapes and distributed them. On Nov. 15 (first day available for preregistration) I preregistered content with copyright office.  
Can I sue state for copyright infringement? I need to get my tapes so I can turn them into a documentary.
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Re: State Sup. Ct. Infringes copyright?
« Reply #1 on: Dec 11th, 2005, 12:38pm »
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It's pretty much impossible to sue the state government for patent or copyright infringement.  You cannot drag them into federal court to do so, and federal courts have exclusive jurisdiction over copyright and patent infringement.
It might be possible to sue an official in their individual capacity, but there are likely other avenues that you ought to try first.    
I'd recommend talking with a local attorney familiar with procedures in the particular court.  
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