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   Which is wisest?
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   Author  Topic: Which is wisest?  (Read 415 times)
Which is wisest?
« on: Dec 2nd, 2005, 12:25pm »
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If you have limited funds for copyrighting purposes, and you've got some copies of your music circulating, which form is wisest to do first, the SR or the PA?
I know you can copyright things as a collection, but after you've done that can you re-copyright each song individually?  Will 1 CA form seperate out all of the songs, or would I need a CA form for each song in the collection?  Does the CA work on both SR registered and PA registered collections?  Thanks.
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Re: Which is wisest?
« Reply #1 on: Dec 3rd, 2005, 12:30pm »
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There is actually a very easy way to accomplish this IF and only if you are the sole writer and performer of these songs.  I am also assuming that by "circulating" you mean you are shopping tapes and CD's to record labels and such trying to get a record deal?  Anyways, if all of this is true, then:
Complete one Form SR.  In space 1, give the collection/album title, followed by the individual song titles.  In space 2, name yourself as the sole author.  In the "nature of authorship" line, describe your authorship as "words, music, and sound recording" (or just "music and sound recording" if there are no words).  In space 4, name yourself again as the copyright claimant (owner).  Voila!  You've just registered both "PA material" (the underlying songs) AND "SR material" (the recorded performances) with a single form and with only $30.
Once you've registered these things as a collection, there's really no need to "re-copyright" each song individually with a CA.  The Form CA, as you want to use it, is just an indexing tool--it means that you can go on-line and look up your songs by song title, instead of just by collection title.  There's no additional protection given to your actual songs and recordings.  It's $100 to do, not cheap, and unless you have a really good reason, it's not necessary to do a Form CA.
Now--if you have other co-writers or performers, or if the songs are "published" (basically, sold or otherwise publicly distributed), my instructions won't necessarily work--there are other things you have to take into consideration.
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