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   Author  Topic: SR PA CA?  (Read 503 times)
« on: Nov 30th, 2005, 12:31pm »
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I'm looking to copyright some songs and I don't know whether to fill out the SR or the PA form first.  I've heard that the SR will protect the intellectual content in a court of law.  Is that true?  If so, is the PA necessary?  Also, if I were to register a group of songs as a collection and then went back later with a CA form to modify that registration, would the CA form be able to split up the original copyright registration?  If so, will one CA form give all of the songs their own individual registration, or will I need a CA form for each individual song?  (Only two more questions I swear)  How strong is a Poor Man's copyright in a court of law?  And finally, is it better to send in a disc or a tape with a sound recording?  And I lied, I have one more question; Can you send a sound recording in with a PA form?
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« Reply #1 on: Nov 30th, 2005, 1:34pm »
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First the poor man's copyright.    
The poor man's copyright is even more useless than the poor man's patent.   The reason for mailing something is to yourself establish a date.   Not only is the mailing very weak evidence, a registration is cheap and provides prima facie evidence of authorship, date of creation, and is absolutely required (for US citizens) in order to get a court to act on an infringement.   In other words, in order to sue you have register anyway.
The SR is a copyright in your recorded performance of the song.  That is not a perfect substitute for the copyright of the underlying song.   I recommend reading the info about SR and PA registrations at   In the case where the author of music, lyrics, arrangement etc., and the performer are all the same, an SR be used to register the performance and the composition.   The site clearly explains what to use when.   There is also discussion of registration of collections.
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