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   copyright infringement...?
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   Author  Topic: copyright infringement...?  (Read 959 times)
J. Stone-Lyons
copyright infringement...?
« on: Jun 18th, 2004, 9:36am »
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Recently through a local associate of mine, I found an
employee of Universal Studios, (security dept.)  I asked if she might "drop off a video of my copyrighted product/system....
A couple of weeks later I saw her, and she said she had dropped it off with someone in production.  That if there was interest, I'd here via e-mail (which was included on
my tape.)
Then, I happened to go to Universal's website, where
MUCH TO MY SHAGRIN, their disclaimer said if you send in
ANYTHING unsolicited, they can use it as they please,
essentially with/without consent.
Is that possible?  How can it be if I OWN THE COPYRITGHTS Huh??
- Frustrated J-nius
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