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   Translations of Copyrighted Works
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Translations of Copyrighted Works
« on: Jun 9th, 2004, 7:57pm »
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If I want to produce a translation of a novel written in another language and published in another country solely for my own personal use, I assume that there are no problems with this, right?
What if I want to let other people read this translation, either for their own entertainment or to receive help in proof-reading or just to get general feedback?
To the best of my knowledge, nobody holds any rights to the distribution of an english-language translation of this title, but if someone did, would this change the answer to either of the two questions?
Also, do copyright laws for translations differ based on the copyrighted material? For example, translating a song's lyrics but leaving the music the same, or a translation (either dubbing or subtitling) of a movie or television show?
Many Thanks!
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