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   Author  Topic: Website: Ads, Names, Images  (Read 741 times)
Website: Ads, Names, Images
« on: Mar 29th, 2004, 5:21pm »
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I am aiming to create a website about a defunct building that has now been torn down.  I have two specific questions:
1)  Via old microfilm from the community's newspaper, I have accessed the original advertisement announcing the building's grand opening (early '60s).  I would like to use the ad on the website for historic and decorative purposes.  The owner and designer of the building are no longer around/in business.  So, in order to utilize this ad (and, for that matter, to use the building's name), would it be ideal to get permission from the newspaper?  And/or is there another avenue I should pursue?
2)  Later in its career, the building was renamed after a well-known actor.  Naturally, for historic, "factual" purposes, I would like to state this name, and use pictures of the building bearing the name, as well.  Do I need to get permission from either the actor's kin (the actor is now deceased), or from the man who owned the building (who may still be in the area)?
There are several major building-documenting websites on the internet that cite the names of/facts about many different old buildings, but I'm not sure whether they've paid certain royalties or gotten special permission to use names and images.  I just want to play it completely safe and legal.
Thanks very much for your help.
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