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(Message started by: new guy on Jul 14th, 2006, 1:24pm)

Title: is this IP or a trade secret?
Post by new guy on Jul 14th, 2006, 1:24pm
I have a business idea that is nothing incredible, but it is original and apparently nobody is doing it.  My plan is to bring it to life and make it my business.  The idea is to make use of  a specific property of certain organizations, and leverage that property to make money.  In order to do that, I have to appraoch the organizations and get them to agree to let me do it (in effect, becoming a middle man).  What's to keep an organization from saying "great idea, but we don't need you to be a middleman....we'll do it ourselves or hire somebody for less"?  

Once other companies in my industry get wind of the idea, they could easily move in on it.  Is my idea a trade secret and is there anything I can do to keep away the vultures while I get my act together?

Thanks for reading.

Title: Re: is this IP or a trade secret?
Post by Bill Richards on Jul 14th, 2006, 3:03pm
Your post is a bit vague (rightfully so on this Forum), but let me give it a shot.
You may have a business method that may be patentable. Re them shutting you out, that's always a possibility. Not sure how a TS would work. You'd have to tell them what it is for them to use it. I suppose you might be able to license it after them signing a confidentiality agreement.  From what you've written, this would be very difficult to keep a TS.
You might want to talk to an IP attorney to whom you can divulge the specifics. I, as well as others here or in your locale would be able to help.

Title: Re: is this IP or a trade secret?
Post by LF on Oct 3rd, 2006, 5:39am
Bill is right on the money. In this day and age, "cutting out the middleman" is almost a motto. Going into a business where you become one sound tough. Better invest in a chat with an IP professional.

Title: Re: is this IP or a trade secret?
Post by wingingit on Aug 21st, 2007, 8:47pm
It might be worthwhile to talk to a professional to see if you idea is patentable.  If not you need to protect your idea with a confidentiality agreement before you disclose it to any organization or person.  

However, once it is known publicaly you will no longer have any trade secret protection.  While a company that signed your agreement may be bound (although most will not once the information is publicaly available) everyone else will not.  

You need to figure out how to do this without anyone not obligated to keep the information secret from finding out what is your now-how.  

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