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   Is this Right..?
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Re: Is this Right..?
« Reply #5 on: May 20th, 2006, 8:32am »
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on May 19th, 2006, 5:03pm, Spritetech1 wrote:
I (the person to post this question) am the owner of the original sourcecode. The person to help, was the one (friend?) paid to assist in building add-ons or Mod's for the original source code. This is what I want to get clearity on, is it right to do this. I mean get paid to do a job, and then keep, the original product.?

If all you want is your own code back then the law is on your side. The developer has no rights to your code. I assumed in my answer that you did not give the developer your only copy and that what you really wanted was the modified copy and to prevent the developer from using either the modifications or the original.

hold it for more then what was agreed to.? It's this that confuses me to no end. Where is the honesty in people. If I have no recourse, or no protections, with email that speak directly to what was owned by my small company, and he just walks with my code, which took me more then five years to build, line by line. Well, it is this which is most disturbing. Huh

IMO despite the funky situation with respect to the modifications, your position with respect to the original code is clear. I think the confusion is because of the negotiations for the improved version.
I disagree that a developer could not reasonably expect that he would be the only source of modifications. I think that is quite commonly the expectation and that developers charge extra when they are going to deliver source code and cut themselves out of future work.
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