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Dec 10th, 2022, 5:49am

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   Question about Co inventors
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Question about Co inventors
« on: Dec 19th, 2005, 9:22am »
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I need orientation
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------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------
First time here, good forum!  
First, I have one invent been patented (design application) since August 2004;  
1- ¿How long can it take to be patented, if it is?  
2- If it is patented;  
    A- Because it was patented (and it is a design    
   patent), Can I send several variations of my same  
   design patent to the same USPTO officer that    
   examinated the first one?  
  ; if the answer is Yes,  
    A.1)- Can the other new applications (of my same  
   invent) be patented faster, because they  
   are the same thing, and because the USPTO  
   officer know my stuff and field?  
Let me do this example:  
 Choqui invented a new shoe; that shoe does NOT  
exist in the entire world, but his attorney told him  
to apply by a design patent anyway, so Choqui  
get a design patent, but he saw that because it is a design patent, anybody can copy it with any variant, so he want to try to çontrol his product, as much as possible, and he decided to modify the product, so can extend (abroad) his bussiness.  
And Choqui did, so the invent is more closer to a Utility span time...  
What's do you think?  
2- In other different invention, I need a co-inventor (it's not problem for me), but I want to establish the "rules" FIRST before any secret disclossure,  
how can I get general, specific and strict examples of a legal standard contract without hurry to a patent (or a Agent?) lawyer because my economy?  
Is it there examples in the Internet?  
How much cost a contract?  
The contract I need is to help me to establish:  
1- I am the Original inventor,  
2- I will retain some rights of Copyright, etc, etc  
3- Must be "Privative' with the person I will work only,  
    not his wife, children, etc.  
4- In case of a divorce, etc, etc, etc  
5- Etc, etc, etc, etc, ...  
Thanks for read my long question and histories.  
Happy Chritsmas!  
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