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   How far does the protection of Trade Secrets GO?
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   Author  Topic: How far does the protection of Trade Secrets GO?  (Read 2417 times)
Magic Iva
How far does the protection of Trade Secrets GO?
« on: May 20th, 2004, 7:06am »
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What exactly can be classified as a trade secret?
This is my problem, I subcontracted for a company (without a written contract, but there may have been a confidentiality agreement to cover their patents). The relationship when sour and a few months after I left the company filed for bankruptcy.  I end up opening my own company doing the same product (without using any of their patents or patent ideas) without using any of their materials, but I do buy from some of their suppliers. The  suppliers don’t have any contracts signed with my previous employer either and the manufacturing process is not exclusive to that Company, even though some of the products were developed in response to my ex-employers needs. Also, some of the customers contacted me and asked me for provide services to them.
I just found out that my ex-employer is making threatening calls to my vendors and customers asking them to stop doing business with me. Apparently they are trying to revive the company and they will try to regain market share by eliminating me.
My question I guess is, do they have a base to triton me for invasion of trade secrets and intellectual rights? And what can I do to protect my company from the attack.
Please Help.
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M. Arthur Auslander
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Re: How far does the protection of Trade Secrets G
« Reply #1 on: May 20th, 2004, 4:47pm »
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Dear Magic Iva
It is not entirely clear from what you say whether or not you have a trade secret problem. I would tilt to think you do not but if there is extensive use ongoing or expected, it would be wise to CAREFULLY examine the facts and law. ELAINE's Workshop® E arly L egal A dvice I s N ot E xpensive™ Reality Check®
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