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(Message started by: jmarie on Jun 29th, 2007, 8:35am)

Title: A Stolen Website!
Post by jmarie on Jun 29th, 2007, 8:35am
I have a question...

I created a website for a friend. I was only going to charge her $100. I created the website and took over 140 photographs of her to put on the website. I put the website up to show her how it would look and added text to tell her what content I needed her to write. Then I took it down because she had not paid me. She and I had an argument and I told her that I didn't want to go any further on her website and that she could pay me $50 and I would give her the site and she could have someone else maintain it. She said okay and gave me a money order for $50. When I went home to forward the html files to her, I couldn't find them. I gave her back the money and apologized and said I couldn't find them. That weekend, I found the files (I had moved them) and I forwarded her the files and told her here are the files I found them and I won't charge you. But she emailed back that she had already retrieved the files that day when I told her I had lost them and she said that the site was up! She had called the hosting company and had them retrieve the files from when I was letting her view them. I'm pissed because she is using the site and hasn't paid for it. Plus she retrieved the files before I sent her the files I had which means she never was going to pay for them. The site is still live and I wanted to know if this is illegal, because is sounds like theft to me. I don't plan on suing because that's not me, I just want to know what the law says. Thanks!

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