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(Message started by: rookiemember on Jan 31st, 2006, 12:56am)

Title: Retail Website selling drugs
Post by rookiemember on Jan 31st, 2006, 12:56am
Hello and let me just say I appreciate all the help on this forum.
I am planning to sell fda approved drugs from a web site and already have purchased couple of domain names. For privacy reasons, lets say name of the website is where placebo is an fda approved drug made by pfizer. My question, is if I am buying 1000 bottles of this srug and selling it thur my website and this drugs name is part of my domain name, am I breaking any copyright or trademark laws? Do I need permission from Pfizer or can i publish some kind of disclaimer or messane on website which makes this kind of setup legal. Please advise. I just want to gather as much info as possible before I talk to a TM lawyer. Thanks.

Title: Re: Retail Website selling drugs
Post by JimIvey on Jan 31st, 2006, 11:56am
If your domain name is or includes a registered trademark of another, you may lose your domain name.  Strictly speaking, you don't need the trademark owner's permission, but it's not a bad idea (assuming you want to keep your domain name).

This procedure (of taking the domain by the trademark owner) usually requires bad faith (as in you want to hoard the domain name for sale to the trademark owner).  However, trademark owners seem to be very aggressive in stretching this procedure (and others) for stopping anyone using their trademarks, even for legitimate purposes.

So, like I said, permission isn't necessary but is a good idea.


Title: Re: Retail Website selling drugs
Post by Isaac on Jan 31st, 2006, 6:32pm
Activities other than selling a domain may be considered bad faith.  For example, intending to divert traffic from the trademark holder's web page may be considered bad faith.

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