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Dec 9th, 2022, 9:52pm

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« on: Jul 4th, 2007, 11:18am »
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Multi-touch is a human-computer interaction technique and the hardware devices that implement it. Multi-touch consists of a touch screen or touch tablet (touchpad) that recognizes multiple simultaneous touch points and software to interpret simultaneous touches. This frequently includes the position and pressure or degree of each touch point independently, which allows gestures and interaction with multiple fingers or hands (similar to chording) and can provide rich interaction (including direct manipulation) through intuitive gestures. Depending largely on their size, some multi-touch devices support more than one user on the same device simultaneously. One salient aspect of this technique is that it makes easy to zoom in or out in a Zooming User Interface with two fingers, thereby providing a more direct mapping than with a single-point device like a mouse[1] or stylus.[2]. Also, this is the technology being used by the emerging surface computing devices being developed e.g. Microsoft Surface and Apple iPhone.
This domain name can be used as a storepoint for either a company that sells multi touch displays and devices or a company that wants to explain the technology. This is just an emerging technology and there is a lot of future for this domain name.
To place a bid on this domain name, visit the site and click on more below the asking price. Thank you for viewing.
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