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(Message started by: mikewotton on Aug 15th, 2005, 9:41pm)

Title: Prior Art Catalog Research Company Starting
Post by mikewotton on Aug 15th, 2005, 9:41pm
Prior Art for Patentbusters

Prior Art Materials have fascinated me for years and I have accumulated library of over 250,000 Consumer Product and Wholesale Trade catalogs, ( I've lost Count). Until last week, I have NEVER used them for Prior Art searches outside my own work as a product designer.

I am in the process of helping someone overcome the claims in a patent filed on a type of writing instrument filed in 1998. This is my VERY first effort at Patentbusting.

I have sent over 30 prior art references to him and I have just scratched the surface. Since his case is still pending in the courts, but obviously now overcome, I won't give out his info, yet.

This company owner called me out of the blue because he had heard about my collection. He and his attorneys had pursued every avenue and spent a half a million dollars trying to overcome the patent claims to save his company.

I e-mailed 5 dated catalog prior art product references in the first 30 minutes.

He suggested that I get the word out about my prior art catalogue collection to help other small business owners as nothing in the world exists like it.

I'm now 42. I am a product designer for a living. I mostly create decorative Consumer products. I have designed a substantial amount of Walt Disney, Looney Tunes, Crayola, and many other licensed products.

I began to collect for my own personal enjoyment. The Catalogs have proved invaluable to me for prior art research purposes related to my own patents. I have about 8 issued patents with several more pending. I am hoping to offer to search for prior art for others on a case by case basis. Having my own patents gives me a background of what may be regarded as valid prior art.

My collection has vintage to brand new catalogs, both retail mail order catalogs and wholesale trade catalogs. I have been a collector of catalogs for nearly 30 years.

I have 1000's of catalog titles in my prior art search collection. Many of the catalogs are in very long runs covering years of publication. Some are vintage going back to the 20's right up to present times.

The toy catalogs are just one category in my vast collection.
I have been a serious collector for over twenty years.

I have literally thousands of toy samples made over the past 100 years as prior art product reference

I also have at least 200,000 catalogs in just about every other product category.

I have 1000's of Catalog titles with many nearly complete runs covering decades of some titles.

More than 80% of the consumer products that were sold in the past 100 years that were genuinely worthy of a patent were never patented. The only record that these products ever existed may be found in consumer or trade wholesale catalogs. Except for my catalog Collection, I am unaware of the existence of other comprehensive retail and trade wholesale catalog collection in the world.

Trade wholesale catalogs for most consumer products industries hold a very important secret. About 10-25% of all items offered to the trade by manufacturers were never sold or made. The price may have been too high, or the design wasn't "Sparkling" enough or perhaps the item was just ahead of it's time. These unknown catalog listings and descriptions hold the most valuable key to catalog prior art searches.

Catalogs are a very valuable tool to find true product introduction dates. A patent must be filed within a year of being shown publicly. I have noticed literally HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of products that were filed for US patents two or more years from the catalog introduction date.

Often patents are filed before the catalog introduction for electronic devices. Afterwards, the designs are constantly improved during, for example, a ten year life span. However the subtle changes made in years two and three are not properly filed for an improvement patent UNTIL year 7 or year 8. Catalog descriptions PROMINENTLY feature the new "Improvements" as a selling tool. I notice this pattern occurring literally hundreds of times across all industries. How would you know about the invalid late patent filing without a catalog reference?

Catalogs can determine the state of existing product design from any time period, and what should have been considered "Obvious" at the time.

Children's toy versions of consumer products may hold the keys to overcoming patents filed on the genuine "made for grown-up market" items. There are over 5,000 different toy companies that have come and gone worldwide in the 20th century. At least 100 toy companies made unusual toy cell phones that were never patented. How many of these could be used against Utility or Design Patents filed today? Toy Computers? Toy Cameras? The list is endless.

The Prior Art Search Catalog Collection also includes an astonishing collection of all known important, ( and some obscure), working video game systems, controllers, packaging, literature and rare accessories and probably over 2,500 total different games.

I'm always looking for catalogs to add to my collection!!

I probably the world's largest, and least known, collection of prior art patent research reference material, Catalogs and Samples.

If Patent Prior Art Help is needed, Please contact me. I am brand new at this, however, I believe that my collection could prove to be a huge benefit to society.

Please contact me at;

Best Regards,
Mike Wotton

Title: Re: Prior Art Catalog Research Company Starting
Post by Bill Guess on Aug 16th, 2005, 7:23am
Hi Mike,

Wow!  Sounds like quite a collection.


Title: Re: Prior Art Catalog Research Company Starting
Post by Bill Guess on Aug 16th, 2005, 7:42am
Hey Mike,

I just remembered something.  I build Schizotrons.  Guitars with keyboards attached.    In 1979 a design patent was issued to Leal   D255803.  In 1995 a guy named Mascon Williams was issued a utility patent to the same thing.  Either the Leal design patent was overlooked by the examiner or the examiner in question cut class the day they taught MPEP 2125.  At any rate I remember seeing a toy catalog that showed the exact same thing with the addition of drum pads!.  It was a pretty busy rig, but it was there in advance of the Williams patent #5,596,157.

And so I definitely see your point in toys anticipating the "big stuff".  My new patent pending Bass Skitz features a means for converting the bass guuitar neck to a stand alone midi controller, allowing the player to play midi tones with the left hand while playing the keyboard with the right.

Bill Guess

Title: Re: Prior Art Catalog Research Company Starting
Post by mikewotton on Aug 22nd, 2005, 6:33am
Intellectual Property Speciaist

Intellectual Propery Specialist or Intellectual Property Expert seems to be the name that people are insisting that my working title should be.

I had always considered my talents to be solely in Prior Art Search, yet the scope of my knowledge in Catalog Prior Art, my world's largest Prior Art Collection of catalogs and samples and my patent claim writing know-how from having created 12 patented items has led literally dozens of great people to highly advise me to change my working title to  "Intellectual Property Specialist".

Intellectual-Property-Specialist. Do you think that title sounds too braggadocios?

Best Regards,
Mike Wotton

Title: Re: Prior Art Catalog Research Company Starting
Post by Charl2 on Nov 22nd, 2006, 12:43am
Objections to "patent busting" as an occupation

 Those of you reading this stuff might take into consideration the very hard working inventor, what you are doing to destroy the inventor and whether or not all this "patent busting" fad activity of late is not a product of GNUs malicious atempt to secretly remove ALL FORMS of intelectual property protections. I invented one of the most important inovations ever and instantly encountered a wall of attacks from university professors that had been put out of buisness by my work, stuff they were trying to do but failed to do and they used their positions to attempt to "bust" my true inovation that I had been developing since I was a child by dragging out tons of prior attempts to do what they and others of them I had been attempting to do with similar elements that I had used but all had failed to put the elements together properly or with a few other elements.

Note that Wikipedia (GNU members) attacked and ridiculed me when I tried to have my inovation placed in their works but they left the university competitors in (they don't protect their publications or works yet take MY tax dollars to attack me)

 Doing a large patent with a complete search is somthing I have decided not to do again considering the activity of the type that you are doing on the internet (because of the new aspect of it being done on the internet). Just because Star Trek or a toy company imagines a car on stilts is NOT a prior art for someone who actually gets a working model to work (just one example). If you were realy concerned about fairness and what is best for all you would not make a buisness or a "point" of "busting" patents because you are putting honest inovators out of buisness finding these loopholes.


Title: Re: Prior Art Catalog Research Company Starting
Post by SoCalAttny on Nov 22nd, 2006, 8:29am
Why do you want to stifle the hardworking patent attorney who sweated through engineering school, law school, passed the grueling Cal Bar exam and PTO exam (before it went computer based)?

We are following the rules, starting with those delineated in the Constitution of these United States.

Please seek assistance from one in my profession, some will lend pro bono advice, before your next filing. Do not give up.

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