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   from time of app to issue your product
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Re: from time of app to issue your product
« Reply #5 on: Apr 28th, 2007, 4:50pm »
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I finally figured out how to parse this question, around 4am the other night.  (Still having trouble sleeping, now due to worrying about chapter 1800. Grin )
The main negative I thought of is that if you cannot meet product demand at a price point that the industry finds acceptable, you may end up getting hammered with design-arounds (if possible) or the industry may choose to move on to something else.
As a somewhat (not entirely) related example of this, from what I remember of the public arguments, Rambus had significant problems with its memory standard after getting it accepted by industry, because other industry members didn't want to pay licensing fees and felt that Rambus had acted dishonestly, in effect trapping the computer memory industry into using designs for which Rambus had filed (IIRC, at the time unpublished) patent applications for some of the core design elements.  Although Intel kept using Rambus' RDRAM on its own chipset designs for a while, AMD and the rest of the chipset industry quickly shifted to using DDR memory (in part because it was a **** of a lot cheaper).  I haven't seen any motherboards advertised lately that use RDRAM;  maybe Rambus is focusing solely on high-end servers or something, but at the build-your-own-PC level everyone seems to be using DDR and its offshoots.
Usual disclaimers apply, including that I may be incorrect in my recollection or interpretation of the issues in this case, and that this may or may not have any bearing on your specific case.  Good luck, hope you make a bundle.
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