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Copyright and Open Source Licensing of Software Work

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Title: Copyright and Open Source Licensing of Software Work
Author: Pratibha Gupta
Organisation: Anonymous
Author Info: Pratibha Gupta, LLB, Post Graduate Diploma in IP laws, Cyber Laws and International Trade Laws
Abstract: Copyright law does not protect any particular idea. Rather, copyright protects only the expression of that idea.
The fundamental purpose of open source licensing is to deny anybody the right to exclusively exploit a work. Typically, in order to permit their works to reach a broad audience, and, incidentally, to make some sort of living from making works, creators are required to surrender all, or substantially all, of the rights granted by copyright to those entities that are capable of distributing and thereby exploiting that work.
There are about 66 types of Open source Licenses approved and recommended by Open source initiative. The General Public License is the most common license. Their basic idea in imposing such a restriction, the so-called Copyleft , was to ensure software access to developers and to prevent software from being captured by proprietary software interests. The Linux operating system and programs associated with Linux are mostly licensed under GPL licenses.

Open Source Software licensing has established a new means of creating Intellectual Property - a resource for creating more business prospects, especially, covering those areas of technology where the quick turn around is must to create and generate more revenues.
Date Added: 2/24/08
Category: Other Intellectual Property
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