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Outsourcing Intellectual Property related services

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Title: Outsourcing Intellectual Property related services
Author: Pratibha Gupta
Organisation: Sumpraxis LLC
Author Info: Pratibha Gupta, LLB, Post Graduate Diploma in IP laws, Cyber Laws and International Trade Laws
Abstract: Over the past few years outsourcing of Legal/Paralegal/Techno-legal work overseas has increasingly become a popular global phenomenon. Foreign workers often command salaries a fraction of those earned by their United States counterparts. Countries like India and China form a very nice blend of labor pool consisting of technologists covering all realms of science and technology. The attractive prospects of overseas labor cost savings are especially present in patent preparation and prosecution work. Patent drafting can be expensive, with general counsels expecting to regularly pay $25,000 or more for drafting a patent application. Offshore professionals offer these services at less than $4000 per draft. The global legal services market stands at some $260bn, and about $160bn of it is in the US. Between 60% and 70% of this work can technically be offshored, and 70% of this offshorable work is likely to go to India.
Keywords: Patent, Intellectual Property, Outsourcing, Offshoring, Models
Date Added: 11/3/07
Category: India
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