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Valuation of Patents: A Primer

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Title: Valuation of Patents: A Primer
Author: Rajasekaran A B
Organisation: Anonymous
Author Info: Examiner of Patents and Designs, Patent Office, India
Abstract: One of the major problems facing the knowledge economy is the valuation of its core assets; the knowledge or intellectual assets including intellectual property. Value is the worth or the economic benefit that accrues to the owner of that asset. Valuation of any of these assets is essential for financial reporting, mergers and acquisitions, licensing, investment, assignment, infringement damages etc. Valuation of each of these intellectual assets poses a problem unique to itself. Since a majority of the patents are worthless in the real sense of the term it becomes essential to evaluate a patented invention to proceed further. A number of methods are available to value patents which are analysed here.
Keywords: Patent, Valuation
Date Added: 8/9/04
Category: India
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